karate2Or Ahlan wa Sahlan in Arabic.

My name is Sensei Ahmed Ismail and I hold a 6th dan in Karate. I have been teaching Karate to adults and children in the UAE in both English and Arabic for more than two decades.

Whether you are a Karate veteran, a parent searching for Karate classes for your child, or an adult looking to take up a new challenge, you’ve come to the right place! I am passionate about teaching and practicing Karate to the extent that this has been my main path of pursuit since I was a young child myself.

I am a national Karate competition judge and registered member of the Japan Karate Association, West Asian Karate Federation, Arab Karate Federation, Egyptian Karate Federation and the UAE Taekwondo and Karate Federation. I have also studied sports medicine and physical education teaching.

I believe anyone can learn and excel in Karate, whatever their starting point or reason for practice. 

I have seen many adults and children reap the rewards of their training in other areas of their lives. Among my students are children, men and women with coloured and black belts and white belts aged 4 yrs to 40 yrs plus.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Sensei Ahmed Ismail

6th Dan Karate Teacher, Coach and Referee

Mobile: 050 632 8292


  1. Hi May I ask you how much you charge for private classes, please?
    Where is you dojo, please? HOw long it will take before I learn karate?

  2. bonjour sensei ismail:je suis algérien je m’appelle sensei yazid rachdi 4eme dan ceinture noire en japon et j’ai des diplômes japonais par sensei ohara,nowayda,casi scherai,et des expert français,j’ai des participations mondiales et africaine.
    actuellement je suis entraîneur des équipes en Algérie.

    je vous contact pour avoir un job dans votre club.
    j’attends votre réponse merci

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